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Where to learn family photography


Where to learn family Photography

where to learn family photography: online!


I was just interviewed at Shootalong about this picture of my children.  Shootalong is a great place for parents learning photography and how to use their fancy cameras so they take better pictures of their own children. When you don’t have a professional photographer around, take the best pictures of your family and children as you can by learning the fundamentals and good techniques.

You can read what I had to say about capturing this Christmas Card picture which now hangs very large on the wall of my home: HERE.

Thanks, Shootalong!



@lisaphillipsonphotography gives us a glimpse into her Christmas card picture magic… “This picture was a few years ago when I had all three children go into the backyard for an obligatory Christmas card picture. It was late afternoon and they are positioned with the sun going down behind them and under a canopy of trees. There was directional light from the open part of yard to light them from the front.

My children tend to bicker, touch each other too much, act silly and make picture taking pretty difficult. I’m sure your kids are not like this? I had to move quickly before someone stormed off or there were tears from my daughter. I gave them directions on where to stand so the background and my settings were ready to go. This image was when I said “put your arms around each other and act like you love each other.” My oldest grabbed everyone in for a big silly hug and luckily they all laughed and went with it.

I do this in my sessions for other families. I set up for the perfect posed picture, but it is the in between moments and interactions you should try to catch that will be the most meaningful to you. This picture is more special to me and captures my kids as they are more so than the smiling posed picture that I eventually caught. I have this picture framed large on my wall and look at it every single day.”

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